paul-bryants-quotes-8I’m not sure where I found it but at some point since I first starting practicing law (1983) I found a copy of a talk Coach Bryant gave at the 1966 American Football Coaches Association meetings. It was a copy of a copy of a copy and whoever originally had it had highlighted certain parts so by the time I got it the print was so blurred it was barely legible. Well, after years of being frustrated with the quality of the print I had a brilliant idea – call the AFCA and see if they had a quality copy. I called, was transferred to someone in “archives” and an hour later I received an email with a clear copy of the talk – “Philosophy of Coaching”, by Paul Bryant, Head Coach, University of Alabama. Early in the piece Coach points out “what I plan to do is talk about some phases or some things in football that I normally talk about to our young boys, players when they are graduating going out to coach”. It certainly does that but it’s also a good read for the veteran coaches too. CLICK HERE for the copy of the talk – it’s long but well worth the time.


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