My Dad passed away on January 16, 2012, he was 88. He was born in southeast Alabama on May 25, 1923 and had five (5) sisters and four (4) brothers. When World War II started he joined the Navy and served until the War ended then he came back to Bessemer, Alabama. In my office I have a newspaper article from the Birmingham Business Journal dated September 3, 2004 with a “profile” of my Dad (he was 81 at that time). By then he had “retired” from the Bessemer bank where he had worked for years but he continued to serve as chairman of the Bessemer Industrial Development Board. The article was broken down into titled sections with short responses – one of the sections was “True Confessions – Three Greatest Passions”. My Dad’s response was “Faith, family and love of sports, including golf and football”. Thanks Dad.


Happy Father’s Day!

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