IMG_2313Most of you know Rick, but have no clue who I am.


While I love all things sports, I am not a former professional athlete, or even a college letterman. I have not built a 30-something year practice working with the likes of Payne Stewart and Bobby Bowden. However, Rick is convinced that my education, experience, and skillsets can add value to the services we provide and asked me to join his practice group at our firm. I’m excited to see that happen as I continue to build relationships with our coaches and others in our industry who keep coaches on the field doing what they love.


Ok, so who am I? I am husband to Jenna, father to Emery and Anne Payton, and an attorney at Wallace Jordan. I grew up in a small town in northeast Alabama. I received my undergraduate degree from Auburn University, my law degree from the University of Alabama, and my masters of tax law from the University of Florida. When I am not at the office, church, watching sports, or having a tea party with my girls, I can probably be found quail hunting over my pup, Mason, playing golf, or chasing down some rare bourbon.


What am I going to contribute to our coaches, their families, and this blog? Primarily, I will add insight into three areas: planning, contract negotiation, and dispute resolution.
Much of my tax education focused on estate, business, and tax exempt entity planning. Most major decisions we make in life have tax consequences. We can reactively face the tax consequences of our actions, or we can proactively plan in hopes to minimize and/or postpone the tax burden. I spend a lot of time learning creative ways for my clients to do the latter.
I negotiate agreements and draft contracts almost daily. While Rick knows the ins and outs of coaching contracts, we both believe that my experience in other industries, from the purchase of car dealerships to the hiring of physicians, can bring new, fresh perspectives and ideas to coaching contract negotiation and drafting.
Finally, disputes happen. Negotiations break down, relationships deteriorate, and people part ways. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is passionately advocating for my client without scorching the earth in the process. It is easy to focus on short term needs and desires at the expense of long term wellbeing. The best advocates are able to maintain focus on both and advise clients accordingly.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts and experiences with you.